13 septiembre 2007

Ya lo decía el dúo sacapuntas y parece que caló hondo en Robert Prager y Pieter Haasnoot.
Otra más procesando tirando de efecto Orton.

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Anónimo dijo...

Por Jorge Esteves: Par ave vienne un incivilzado y antiquado espanol a Amsterdam? Queverguenza!!

Jorge dijo...

Dear "Anónimo" (would be great have known your real name),
perhaps my English is as bad as your Spanish, but I think you are going to be able to understand me.
As I can notice, you're sense of humour is not the same as mine (or the Spanish one), so I can't try you to understand my jokes, but it doesn't justify anyway your lack of politeness calling me "incivilizado" (curiously, one of the few words you wrote correctly in Spanish) or "antiquado" (anticuado).
Maybe you could tell me the reason of your attack to my person. My picture? My joke? or perhaps my nationality?
Fortunately, most of the people I met in Amsterdam is more polite than you and they made me felt so good there and was one of the reasons I really liked and enjoyed the city (perhaps you call me antiquado because of I didn't visit any coffee shop neither took any kind of drug).