17 abril 2007

How to pull the PERFECT PINT
Step 1
Select a Beamish Stout glass. Use a clean glass every time.
The correct serving temperature for Beamish Stout is between 5 and 7 degrees C.
Step 2
Hold the glass under the tap at an angle of 45 degrees. Pull the tap handle forward, and pour down the side of the glass.
Avoid touching the glass or product with the tap apout.
Step 3
When the glass is about 2/3 full, straighten the glass and fill to within 23-30mm from the top of the glass.
Close the tap and leave the Beamish Stout to settle for about 90 seconds while the head forms.
Step 4
Top up the glass until a creamy head is achieved about 12-15mm deep, which should 'dome' just above the rim.
Do not allow to flow over the side of the glass.

Vía Beamish web site

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fotomaf.com dijo...

como que a estas horas ya paetece no?

Jorge dijo...

A esas horas...y a muchas otras ;)
Un abrazo Mauro y a ver cuándo nos tomamos una de esas charlando de fotografía.